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Agents and Managers

At ModelWire, we know that image and marketing are important components of your model's success. In turn, we provide attractive, industry-leading software to assist you in marketing them to casting professionals. ModelWire provides you with the all the tools you need to run your agency efficiently and successfully; maximizing both time and opportunities.

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ModelWire Imaging - Online Portfolio Management and Delivery System

This component of ModelWire is our solution-based online system. It's where ad buyers, photographers and casting professionals post go-sees and castings. Agents submit their talent by creating instant, virtual packages that are delivered immediately through the ModelWire system. To insure that all communication goes through you, your logo, phone number and email address are on each page of your talent's profile. Furthermore, only the model's name or identification number is visible; their private contact information is not included.

Manage your images with ease. Drag & drop functionality makes it easy to create or update portfolios instantly.


ModelWire packages showcase your talent. The visual presentation is sleek and sophisticated. (You can also enhance your company's branding by choosing customized portfolio options.) ModelWire Packages can be emailed to any client and may contain an unlimited number of models with their individual photos, video and resume. You can even change which photos or video you include, depending on the project. And unlike our competition, there are no per-package delivery fees.

Your agency's divisions and model portfolios are easily customized to represent your information, colors and branding.

ModelScan - Scanning and Imaging Software

As a successful agent, it's crucial that you have clear, up-to-date images of your models to submit with. We provide instant image uploading via our ModelScan scanning and imaging software. ModelScan can upload numerous images simultaneously and link them to the appropriate model. There's no lag-time; photos are available for immediate online use. Furthermore, you can upload an unlimited number of photos for each model. We believe that working smart and working economically go hand in hand.

ModelScan gives you the choice to upload or scan images into your model's profile instantly.

ModelWire Booking - Talent Scheduling and Booking Software

ModelWire Booking is designed to help you organize, schedule and maintain information about your models, clients and agency. It runs on your local server and is password protected so your information is secure at all times.

ModelWire Booking is easily customized to accomodate your agency's needs and preferences. From color to layout, you're in control. Even new users will find it easy and fun to use.

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